Noise? Confusion?
A kid running around in every room?
Doesn’t it make a home…?
Until they grow up & it gets quiet again?
Can you enjoy the chaos today?

Fear? Shame?
But isn’t it all in the mind?
Don’t you know you can…
turn that faucet off anytime you want?
Why not give it a try today?
At least for a little while?

What if you’re terrible at changing diapers?
But having a child…
doesn’t that change everything for the better?
Enlarging your world & all its possibilities?
And isn’t a little poop good fertilizer for a brighter future?

That look?
In your child or grandchild’s eyes…?
Full of wonder?
May wonders never cease for you today

Isn’t that all there is…?
especially in a crisis? Trying?
Maybe it’s time to exercise that muscle today?

Aren’t they memories & imagination all mixed up?
Did you know that when you close your eyes…
you can decide what to dream…
if you choose to change the ingredients?
Why not give it a try today?

your expiration date?
But don’t we all have one?
So why not take a chance today?
What have you got to lose?

Fill it with love & compassion?
Connect it to your heart…?
and be patient with yourself?
Might feel uncomfortable at first?
But isn’t it worth a try today?

Mitch Goldfarb

Two-time Grammy Nominee, Producer, Songwriter, Tai Chi & Mindfulness Instructor, Author & Professor at West Chester U.

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