The best thing in the whole world?
Even when they’re not…?
And even when they’re driving you crazy?
But don’t you get to love them no matter what…?
because isn’t that one of life’s greatest joys?
And don’t you get to see them grow a little more each day?

In a slump?
Isn’t that where forgiveness comes in?
And honoring that you’re human…?
then allowing yourself a do-over?
Why not give it a try today?

Probability or psychology?
If you think you’re lucky…
doesn’t it often prove true?
Why not give it a try today?

And you swore to work harder than everyone else?
Isn’t that a great payback?
And a nice way to honor someone?
Can you pay it forward today?

to each moment?
to ever second going on around you?
Isn’t that a real gift?
Can you celebrate…?
all the gifts that are here for you today?

The situation?
Your opportunities?
The day you’re about to have?
Your world?
And guess what…?
So are you!

Maybe that’s you?
Can’t anyone be an artist…?
with food or flowers or anything at all?
Doesn’t it depend on putting the time in?
What’s your art?
Can you paint your masterpiece today?

Don’t most challenges…
have more than one option?
Yet isn’t that often forgotten…
when you’re in the thick of it?
Maybe it’s time to dust off the old thinking cap today?

And won’t you continue to change?
As long as you continue to grow aren’t you evolving?
Isn’t it time to celebrate your growth today?

Maybe it isn’t a moment or an event?
Maybe it’s the process of living…?
each and every day with your mind & heart open?
Then won’t tomorrow look a little different…?
if you give it a try today?

Mitch Goldfarb

Two-time Grammy Nominee, Producer, Songwriter, Tai Chi & Mindfulness Instructor, Author & Professor at West Chester U.

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