Give them a little space?
Give them a chance?
Give them a do-over?
Aren’t there many ways…
to support the people you care about?
Which will you choose today?

Radical compassion?
Maybe it’s time to radicalize…
anything that lifts human dignity…?
Including your own?
Can you give it a try today?

Aren’t we all when we put humanity & dignity first?
Especially with people on the fringe?
Maybe it’s time to reach out a helping hand today?

A smile? A nod? The wink of an eye?
Just letting someone know that they were seen?
And that you acknowledged their humanity?
Isn’t it so easy to show a little caring?
But only if you care enough to?
How much caring can you show today?

Maybe that’s part of the journey…?
especially when things go sideways?
And guess what? If you did it once…
and you know it’s possible…
how many times can you do it again?

But how about a human one?
One that shows respect…?
and honors another’s perspective & dignity?
Maybe that’s the right answer for today…?
to build a better tomorrow?

Mitch Goldfarb

Two-time Grammy Nominee, Producer, Songwriter, Tai Chi & Mindfulness Instructor, Author & Professor at West Chester U.

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