People helping people…?
doing the right thing without being asked…?
and putting their heart into it?
How much can you contribute…
to the best part of humanity today?

Maybe it’s not for the person you’re forgiving?
Isn’t it really for you?
Can you give yourself…
the gift of forgiveness today?

Got your four-leaf clover?
Then maybe it’s time to risk delight…?
in everything you do…?
and in every area of your life?
Can you give it a try today?

Ready for an adventure?
Isn’t it amazing that when we are…
all those new doors will open?
Can you open your heart…
and embrace your adventure today?

Fake it until you make it?
Actions speak louder than words?
A blessing in disguise?
Hang in there?
Don’t these simple ideas create…
real possibilities for a brighter future today?

Maybe it’s a new normal?
And isn’t flexibility the key…?
to not be stuck in time?
To roll with the punches?
Isn’t it less stressful when you focus on the present?
Can you give it a try today?

Keeps you moving forward?
Keeps your heart open?
Fuels the impossible?
Makes you feel alive?
Can you celebrate your hope today?

Isn’t that seeing a future you can fall in love with?
Isn’t that imagining a world that works for everyone?
Isn’t that seeing solutions to make things better?
How large can you dream today?

Isn’t it all around us?
Magic lurking everywhere…?
if you’re ready to open your eyes & heart?
Can you stop for a minute…?
and breathe in that special feeling today?
Did you know that inspire means to breathe?

Always say ‘thank you’ with gratitude?
Never forget to say, ‘I love you’?
Isn’t it just that one little thing that can change…
someone’s day? Or life?
What’s one thing you can do or say today?

Mitch Goldfarb

Two-time Grammy Nominee, Producer, Songwriter, Tai Chi & Mindfulness Instructor, Author & Professor at West Chester U.

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